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Aprons are an indispensable attribute of any modern kitchen. In a big restaurant, in a small cafe or in your home kitchen, you will definitely need an apron or apron. Probably everyone knows about the design and purpose of this product. See the photos for samples. For those who better perceive the text, an apron is a piece of fabric that protects a person in front (hence the name), from splashes, steam, drops and other inevitable troubles accompanying food preparation. In general, the use of aprons is not limited to cooking. Aprons are used for this purpose in any craft that involves the possibility of getting dirty, especially when it comes to aggressive substances. In such cases, the aprons are made larger so that it covers the legs completely and most of the torso, but it is important that the arms are free to allow work, and of dense material. There is a widespread belief that the apron is a feminine attribute. They may vary in decoration and design, but men's kitchen aprons are just as common.


Usually an apron consists of a piece of cloth, film, or a denser material such as leather. The upper part covers the chest and is fixed around the neck with braid or tape. The size is selected individually or simply tied up to the desired height. Some kitchen aprons come with adjustable straps. The lower part is usually wider and protects the front and sides of the legs and pelvis. A ribbon is sewn around the waist and tied at the back with a bow.

A chef's apron usually has fewer pockets than a carpenter's or a beauty salon's apron.

Kitchen apron

Kitchen apron is perhaps the most common type of apron and, probably, the first historical one to appear. This is understandable. A person has always been engaged in cooking, but constantly changing clothes to be clean (it is very important to be clean in the kitchen) or washing the entire cook's outfit every day is not a good idea. A kitchen apron is the simplest solution. It is enough to throw it around your neck, tie it behind your back and you are protected from oil from the pan and from the splashes of the cut orange. In general, an apron for a chef is, although not the most important, accessory that makes work much easier.

Waiter aprons

Waiters constantly run the risk of spoiling their costume with food and drinks. An apron-apron will help save a lot of time, because the waiter must look perfect, and there may not be a spare suit, and the stains from the dishes may simply not be washed off and the rather expensive uniform will be hopelessly ruined and you will have to pay out of your pocket. A distinctive feature is the presence of pockets (to put a bill or tip). The same goes for aprons for sellers.

Other variations

There are many varieties and designs of aprons. Young parents, nannies and educators are well acquainted with the apron for the baby - so that the baby does not get dirty in his favorite porridge. Also, aprons were common in various secret societies, but this is a completely different topic. Aprons are often used by hairdressers.

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