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Women's plus size clothing + linen = comfort

Large size women's clothing was once a scarce commodity. Buying a regular dress was no problem, and "big size" had to be looked for. Now it is much easier to buy clothes for large ones, both retail and wholesale. What makes linen products stand out from others? Unfortunately, in addition to the lack of suitable sizes, large women experience other problems, especially on hot days and in stuffy rooms. These troubles will help correct the properties of flax fibers: hygroscopicity and breathability . The fabric is absorbent and breathable. You will be comfortable in our clothes. Give it a try - you'll love it!

Plus Size Clothing for Women and Geography

Women's figures are the same only on the covers of magazines. In different parts of the world, anatomical features differ, sometimes quite significantly. This poses two problems.

  • Dimension ruler mismatch. For example, the Ukrainian range 56 - 62 in Europe corresponds to numbers from 50 to 56
  • Manufactured products are only suitable for the region in which they are produced. One size bar number in different regions may have different ratios of hips, waist and chest

Large size clothing from the "Gallery of Flax" manufacturer is designed taking into account the characteristics of those who will wear it. It will not be difficult for you to find the style that suits you.

The main assortment of large sizes for obese women is represented by dresses. There are also jackets, jackets and blouses available. Sizes range from 56 to 62. All models are divided into three style groups: "Folk /Ethno","Boho" and "City".