Notes on linen clothing

Notes on linen clothing

Choosing is hard

When choosing and buying clothes, many questions arise.

  • How to dress to look elegant without overdoing it?
  • Will the dress shrink after the first wash and how to care for it?
  • What about allergies and irritations?
  • How to iron this skirt?
  • What can I wear this blouse with?

Sounds familiar, right? The market gives us a wide choice and that's great. But often the choice is too wide. I would like at least some landmarks.

Most important

The trump card of linen clothing is simplicity. This means that such a suit will attract attention to you, not to itself;)

Advantages of linen clothing

They have been known for a long time. Let us recall them briefly.

  • Dries quickly
  • Resistant to sun fading
  • Non-allergenic
  • The threads are strong
  • Does not roll up
  • Not electrifying

Everything is great, but there are some drawbacks.

How to get around the disadvantages

Firstly, linen fabric wrinkles quickly. You just need to remember this. This can only be avoided by storing things in the closet. Secondly, linen clothes can shrink after washing. Look carefully at the tags.

Processing and mixins

The above applies to 100% linen fabric. Nowadays, mixed materials are often made, which differ from natural linen in properties. The addition of synthetics, for example, reduces the air permeability of the fabric, but makes it more resistant to wrinkling. You have to choose between an iron and comfort. But in each case, you can choose the best option.

Recently, they have been talking about special ways of processing linen fabric, allowing it not to wrinkle without any impurities. We will talk about this in the following materials.

About accessories and combinations with other materials

If you want to add brightness to linen clothes, the easiest way to do this is with jewelry or accessories. Large beads with a hat and a handbag will perfectly complement the linen dressin ethnic style. Lace, ornament, cloth bag, sandals - nothing complicated, but it looks great.

Linen goes well with cotton, wool (it is better to take thin wool) and knitwear. For example, a cotton blouse will work well with a linen skirt.

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