What size is bigger? Let's understand the notation

What size is bigger? Let's understand the notation

What size is more easy to understand if the designations are digital. It is clear that dress size 48 is larger than 46, but there are some nuances here that can be confusing. The fact is that different regions have their own size lines. For example, Ukrainian 46 is approximately equal to European 50 and less than American 40. But in international practice, letter designations are adopted, and not everyone understands their meaning. How to understand which size is larger than M?

Which size is bigger in the international size line

Let's figure out what the symbols mean in size designations. Everything is simple here - these are first letters of English words (s) mall - small, (m) edium - medium and (l) arge - large, and x is the first consonant letter of the word e (x) tra - highly. It turns out that xxl (sometimes, in order not to repeat "x", write 2xl) means "very, very large", and xs - "very small"

The table shows the correspondence of different size lines. Pay attention! Different numbering systems have been adopted in different European countries. This table is valid for Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

International StandardEuropean (German) StandardUkrainian Standard
XXS 32 40
XS 34 42
S 36 44
M 38 46
L 40 48
XL 42 50
XXL 44 52
3XL 46 54

Now it is not difficult to determine which size is larger than S. This is M.

What is the largest size

In retail, xxl is usually the largest. Clothes with the number of "x" from two and more belongs to the big size category . The largest number of women's clothing produced by the industry is 4xl, which corresponds to 115 - 118 cm of chest and 123 - 126 cm of hips. There may be bigger things, but these are either non-standard parties or handmade.

Of course, men's numbers have a larger range and end in 4xl. Do not forget that the clothes of one number (in international notation) in the men's line are physically larger than in the women's

What do the clothing size numbers mean

For dresses, blouses, jackets (everything that is measured along the chest), the size is halved bust . Why divide by two? Apparently this is a guarded secret :) It was not possible to find relevant information in open sources. Logic dictates that this is done so that the designation always consisted of two digits - if you use the chest girth, we get the values 84 .. 112. Dividing by two we will narrow the interval to two characters: from 42 to 56. Apparently, it is more convenient to make tags this way.

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