Flax wrinkles. What to do?

Flax wrinkles. What to do?

Linen wrinkles - unfortunately this is typical of all natural fabrics . Synthetic additives help solve the problem, but create others. How to be? You want to look good.

Iron and be neat

Linen fabric can be ironed at a high temperature - linen withstands 200 degrees easily. But! It is important not to dry out , otherwise the fabric will gradually lose its wonderful properties. Iron the flax wet, hot and not for long . Modern irons have a humidification system and a steaming mode. But grandma's iron, supplemented with a spray gun, is perfect. Don't confuse linen with hemp. They are similar in appearance, but hemp does not tolerate high temperatures.

Try not to wrinkle: flatten your skirt or dress when you get in, if possible, remove your coat when getting into the car.

Don't iron ?!

But what if you don't want to iron at all, especially regularly and scrupulously, but you can't be neat? Pragmatic Westerners have come up with a way out. If linen wrinkles, and ironing is a lot of trouble, let's not do this time-consuming, time-consuming business, but remember the fabric ourselves, but beautifully and tastefully. If you can't win - take the lead . Crush fabric is a crush fabric with long-lasting deliberate folds, wrinkles and kinks. This is a way of "decorating" clothes, widespread mainly in Europe and America, which radically removes the issue of bruising.

Products with a crush effect (filter "DECOR") are presented in the online store "Gallery of Linen" by dresses, jackets and large size clothes .

The crush effect not only eliminates the need to iron, but also removes the problem of shrinkage of things after washing. The technology for creating folds requires that the item be washed beforehand. That is, when you wash the dress, it will no longer shrink . The size will remain the same as when purchased.

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