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Linen tablecloths are among the most traditional household items. Note that at all times, good housewives tried not to miss the opportunity to buy a beautiful linen tablecloth , without which it is unthinkable or exquisite serving for a festive dinner, or cozy friendly gatherings for tea.

Linen tablecloth: a timeless classic

Why did our grandmothers carefully store good-quality linen tablecloths in chests and chests of drawers? The answer is obvious: no matter how the fashion changes, the custom of laying a tablecloth on the table, preferably linen, is one of the main rules of classic serving . However, this element of decor pleases the eye not only during lunch: when a beautiful embroidered linen tablecloth is laid on the table, the house invariably has a feeling of home warmth and comfort.

Today, we don't have to use only white products. They are usually made of fabrics of soft pastel tones, decorated with exquisite embroidery or lace. The real decoration of the interior, decorated in a classic style, will be a jacquard tablecloth on the table, the pattern of which will soften the severity of the situation.

What's so special about them?

Are you going to buy a linen tablecloth with embroidery or lace, as in the photo in the catalog? Congratulations, this is a great choice for those who keep up with fashion and used to take care of the health of their loved ones.

Did you know that this type of natural fiber has dirt repellent and bactericidal properties ? This is the most hygienic material with excellent aesthetic properties! In addition, being carefully ironed , this fabric does not gather folds at the slightest touch, holds its shape perfectly and serves as a universal, neutral background for any serving.

Which to choose and how to buy a linen tablecloth in Kiev? The shade of a natural, unbleached cloth or gray color of a product will perfectly be combined with bright ware from ceramics, and here on a white background solemn feasts with "ceremonial" service and abundance of crystal serve.

How to care?

Tablecloth, especially linen, requires special care. Here are some important nuances:

  • Flax washes well, however, "does not like" old stains - they should be removed with Safe , oxygen stain removers.
  • Such household items should also be washed properly: at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C .
  • Iron flax products slightly damp .

How to choose a linen tablecloth in Ukraine?

Today in any city (Zhytomyr, Poltava, Cherkasy ...) it is not difficult to find on sale linen tablecloths of any, the most non-standard forms and the sizes. Experts recommend:

  • Choose a product shape that replicates the shape of the table.
  • Remember that the edges of the product hanging from the table should be no shorter than 15 - 20 cm.
  • Keep in mind that flax may shrink when in contact with water (during the first wash), so it is better to choose the size of the product with a small margin.

Our online store offers a wide selection of linen items at the most attractive prices. Hurry up to buy the most beautiful linen tablecloth to create a unique atmosphere of true home warmth and comfort in your home.

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