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Serving napkins are an excellent decoration for a festive table, a simple family dinner, a large restaurant or a cozy home cafe. Serving napkins under the plates serve more than a decorative function. They mark the place for the dish, help if food gets on the table and prevent slipping. Serving napkins can be of any shape, but most often they are round, square or rectangular. So you can choose the shape of the napkin to the shape of the dishes or play in contrast.

Fashion has changed over the years. Recently, linen napkins are gaining popularity. Perhaps in the near future products with embroidery will become in demand. In many cases, bright synthetic materials are relevant.

Serving Napkin Sizes

Usually the napkin is small. It is difficult to tell where the napkin ends and the tablecloth begins. Width and length (or diameter) - 30 - 60 cm. This size just corresponds to the seat at the table, provides ease of use and is sufficient for various types of dishes.

Serving Napkin Material

Most often you can find fabric serving napkins and products made of polymeric materials. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Linen napkins look more aesthetically pleasing, pleasant to the touch and create a cozy atmosphere. But this requires careful washing and care. Polymeric napkins are easier to wash (or even wash), they can be painted with bright, catchy colors, but often give the impression of a "plastic table".

Table decoration

Getting it right with serving napkins is an art. Serving napkins are placed next to the dishes, put under the plates, put forks and knives on them, put inside glasses. Different strategies are used to create a particular atmosphere:

  • Simplicity and minimalism. Place the napkin flat under the dish, straight or obliquely.
  • Complex shapes. A serving napkin is folded in the shape of a flower, a bird, or an abstract figure. The pattern on the fabric helps to create the right mood.
  • Volumetric forms. They create a feeling of abundance, richness of the holiday. In this way, buds, fans, sailboats are formed.
  • Additional elements. These can be rings, clothespins. They serve to hold the shape or complement the created image. Linen napkin looks great with a nickel or silver ring.

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