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Kitchen towels

Kitchen towels

Kitchen linen towels decorated with ornament and embroidery in the form of birds, flowers are useful in any kitchen. Universal towels are 40 - 50 by 60 - 75 cm in size. There are also reduced and enlarged options. Longer paths are used for decorative purposes and on holidays.

The color scheme and neutral patterns will make it easy to fit towels and paths into any interior and will be a wonderful decoration for an ordinary day, filled with household chores, and a solemn event.

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Why do you need kitchen towels

Wipe the dishes. Plates, glasses and forks can simply be left to dry, but to make them look “brilliant” you need to rub them thoroughly. A kitchen towel will do just fine with this

Wipe our hands. Everything is clear here. In the kitchen, hands often need to be always dry, for example when working with flour, sugar

Wipe the vegetables and fruits. Putting an apple in a bag to eat on the road is better dry - it will be more appetizing

Take it hot. There are oven mitts for this, but kitchen towels are great too

Cover the pies. To "get" and keep warm longer.

Wrap the pots. Sometimes we cook in advance. To borsch does not cool, you need to wrap it. A few tea towels or a walkway are great

Decorate the kitchen.

Tyh2es, materials and sizes

The standard size of a kitchen towel is considered to be 50 by 70 cm. However, in life we ​​have a fairly significant size variation . It is clear why this happens - a huge number of housewives of small workshops and large manufacturers sew towels.

To distinguish a kitchen towel from others is easiest by material - cotton, linen or fiber. A terry towel of the same size is unlikely to be used in the kitchen. It is rather an option for the hands. Synthetic fabrics are not suitable for kitchen towels, since they rarely have all the necessary properties: temperature resistance (take pots), safety and hygiene (we cover baked goods, especially hot ones), hygroscopicity (when you need to wipe something).

h2attern and embroidery on towels

There are two main approaches to the design of any item, including a kitchen towel. The first is "with peppercorn". Abstract geometry, internet memes, portraits of celebrities or even kitchen owners. The second is classic. We adhere to this particular approach. Still lifes, embroidered birds and flowers, a folk ornament looks good on a kitchen towel and does not distract attention.

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