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A wedding towel is an indispensable attribute of the holiday of the combination of destinies for almost all Slavic peoples. The tradition of embroidered wedding towels has very ancient roots and has survived to this day thanks to the beauty and charm of the ceremony, designed in this way.

There are several types of wedding towels. Each of them has its own meaning and is used in a special way. However, over time, even the most durable traditions change, transform in accordance with the needs and realities of society. Recently, it has become much easier to buy wedding towels, precisely due to the simplification of the requirements for the celebration, which, however, remained no less charming and exciting event for both newlyweds and guests.

Embroidered towels for a wedding

The Gallery of Flax Company offers wonderful embroidered towels with classic patterns and ornaments in folk style. The items are decorated with typical symbols: birds, flowers, viburnum, tree leaves. The traditional thread colors are black and red. And if you are a supporter of innovations and experiments, we can offer to buy a wedding towel with an ornament completely made with blue threads. Wedding towels with the image of green leaves, oak twigs with brown acorns also look great.

Often people are not very serious about the idea of ​​buying an embroidered towel for a wedding, they say, we’ll save better. Of course, in this matter, the final choice rests with the young. We will only advise you to think about why the tradition of the wedding towel turned out to be so persistent, passed through the centuries and has withstood the test of influence from other cultures. Isn't this an excellent example of strength and vitality, which is what a real family should strive for?

Linen wedding towel

Towel for a wedding is not just a decoration for the holiday that you need to buy from the list along with balls and flowers. This is a family value, a symbol of the unification of life paths (it is not for nothing that they tie the hands of the young with a towel), a reminder that the family must be protected and strengthened. That is why linen fabric is especially appreciated as a basis for an embroidered towel for a wedding - strong and durable, exactly what a family should become.

Often, the real value of a wedding towel becomes noticeable only over the years. The special texture of linen fabric adjusts for a more holistic and calm perception of events - both funny and sad. The pattern reminds you that you can find joy in simple things and events.

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