Fabric bags from natural linen with embroidery or print. The size range (width 25 - 45 cm, height 34 - 50 cm) will allow you to choose both a compact handbag for the most necessary and a more spacious option. Neutral motifs of the drawings will help to fit the bag into the style of any costume. Embroidered flowers, birds, a cage or an abstract ornament - a drawing traditional for a linen bag.

The expenditure side of your budget will not increase significantly. Agree, buying a bag from natural linen at a price as below — is not too wasteful.

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Fabric bag as an element of style

A fabric bag is a great accessory for any clothing. Even for a strict business suit, you can pick up a linen bag. The main thing is to observe color harmony. Let the bag be in tone dress or vice versa - complementary colors. And embroidery elements can rhyme with jewelry or accessories. Casual clothes combined with fabric bags are even simpler, and for styles like boho and an ethno-rag bag is practically standard.

A women’s bag made of fabric with an embroidery of calm, not contrasting tones is easy to imagine on a hot, sandy beach, in the monotonous office work environment, and in a colorful restaurant with a cheerful audience.

Bags with embroidery and print

Youth bags are now in great demand, especially with print or embroidery. The trend is a wide variety of patterns, but the classic neutral print with a natural ornament is more universal. And if free hands are important to you, check out the backpack bags. Bag embroidery is a great motivator. Our distant ancestors invested a huge amount of work just to apply a pattern to the fabric. Think about it and it will be easier for you to overcome spring blues, a bad mood or ordinary laziness and get down to business that has long been waiting for your attention.

Good deeds and benefits for you

Buying a linen bag means taking care of the environment, since the production of linen fabric has a lower burden on nature compared to others - cotton, synthetics.

Do not forget that when choosing our brand you:

  • Support the domestic manufacturer
  • Get a factory warranty and can exchange goods
  • Don’t overpay