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A coat from the manufacturer is profitable

Manufacturer's coat - attractive price and warranty. You do not overpay - it is better for the money saved buy a beautiful dress.

Things made from natural materials

This is quality and comfort. Thanks to the use of linen fabric, these garments offer many benefits. Appreciate the advantages of natural linen clothes.

Coat from the manufacturer. Advantages

First of all, a coat from the "Gallery of Flax" manufacturer is convenience. They also have a number of features.

  • The fabric does not fade . The color remains the same as on the day of purchase, even in the bright spring sun
  • The coat will last a long time. The threads used in production are durable and wear-resistant
  • Fibers practically do not slip . You will be spared this problem, which is mainly inherent in wool
  • Linen fabric is not electrifying . This means that it does not attract dust, lint and other light trifles. Maintaining a perfect look is much easier

Coats of the "Linen Gallery" manufacturer are primarily autumn-spring clothes therefore, unlike heavy winter coats designed to keep warm, our products are significantly lighter and allow the body better "breathe". This is important in the off-season - the weather can change quickly. The wind blows - it's cold, the sun comes out - it's hot. A linen coat smooths out such differences.

A coat from the manufacturer is a guarantee of quality and no extra charges. You can buy a coat at an attractive price. You can see and try on our products in the network of company stores in Kiev, Zhitomir, Poltava and Cherkassy.

Clothes of our production are distinguished by their original design and ethno notes. Embroidery is widely used in production. In combination with the special texture of linen fabric, a special, immediately recognizable style is created.

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