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Linen blouses from the manufacturer - attractive prices

The manufacturer always offers the best price. This is a simple and well-known truth. Save money on middlemen and complement the suit with a skirt or buy a dress . In the accessories section, you can find a great cloth bag.

Easy to care for, pleasant to wear

You do not need antistatic impregnations and painstaking cleaning procedures from "pellets", and it is very pleasant to wear linen blouses. Due to the properties of the fabric, the clothes are practical, wearable and do not require special care. The exception is ironing - a linen blouse requires careful and careful ironing. An alternative is crash effect , when the blouse is initially crumpled, but in a special way. The result looks nice and stylish.

Linen blouses. What do we offer

Linen blouses, as the name suggests, are made from natural linen fabric . It has several advantages over other materials. Namely:

  • Hygiene. The fabric used for sewing well regulates the air flow and does not irritate the skin
  • Antistatic. This makes it easier to maintain your appearance - everyone wants to look perfect. A small piece of paper or hair stuck to a sweater can easily ruin the impression, and a linen blouse does not accumulate static electricity, so it does not attract such "troubles"
  • Abrasion resistance. The fibers retain their strength and appearance even after many washes
  • UV resistance. The welcoming spring and hot summer sun brings with them not only warmth and light, but also UV rays. Thanks to them, we sunbathe. The fabric also "tans" under their influence, or rather fades. Linen is resistant to fading.

It is obvious that clothes with such properties will be a useful and pleasant element of the wardrobe both for connoisseurs of convenience and comfort, and for those who do not welcome unnecessary spending. You can find cheaper clothes on tags which say "Linen". We are often asked to comment and answer why contact us and pay more. This is due to the peculiarities of the standards that regulate that 17% of flax in the fabric is enough for it to be called linen. But such clothing does not have all the useful properties (see above). Therefore, the best choice is a high-quality, albeit more expensive, linen blouse, which can be bought in many places, but only the direct manufacturer will offer the most favorable price.

Blouses from the manufacturer is a fair price and a factory guarantee. Something that distributor networks cannot offer.

Linen clothing has another remarkable property. This is a special, appearance, due to the texture of the fabric and the finishing elements used in sewing. Linen blouses with lace look very good. You can see the details in the photo.