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Women's dress of the "Flax Gallery" trademark is in harmony with both a pair of elegant shoes and beach sandals. This is a great choice for a romantic evening or work environment. Those who value quality and practicality above all else will definitely become a fan of our products.

Advantages of a linen dress

Linen dress is combined with almost any outerwear, but it is especially indispensable in the summer. Lightweight, soft, breathable fabric is very pleasant to the body, absorbs moisture well, making it easy to circulate air, while maintaining dryness and comfort. It helps regulate body temperature, providing coolness on hot days and warming on cold evenings. Such an outfit is suitable even for people with extremely sensitive skin, while other fibers, especially synthetic ones, often create problems, especially in hot weather or when they are constantly indoors and sitting.

Distinctive features of our products

Original design, natural fabric, bright embroidery and gorgeous colors that emphasize feminine elegance - all these are the hallmarks of the products of our production. Embroidered dressesremind you of ethnic motifs, deep roots and traditions. Products with a crash effect solve the problem of creasing of linen fabric - folds turn into a stylish design element. Braid and lace emphasize and complete the image.

It is easier to buy a linen dress of a suitable style if you can choose features: the length of the dress (short, medium, long) and sleeves (short, long or sleeveless), silhouette (adjacent, straight, extended at the bottom). Use the matching filters.

Linen skirts and blouses can be a worthy alternative, and colorful scarves and bags from our collection will help to complement the look.

Benefits of buying from a manufacturer

  • You don’t overpay, because you buy a dress without intermediaries and extra charges
  • You receive a Factory Warranty for all purchased products
  • You can buy a dress wholesale and retail - there are no restrictions on the quantity, but if you need a large batch, be sure to coordinate the details with the manager

Ukraine has long been known for the tradition of sewing linen clothes and we keep the brand. You can buy a dress at retail in the online store, and in company stores in Kiev, Zhytomyr, Poltava and Cherkasy you can do a fitting. For wholesale purchases, please call the numbers listed in the "Contact Us" section.

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