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Women's linen trousers made of high quality natural fibers are a great addition to a blouse or jacket. Perfectly match with other elements of the costume. Linen trousers create a distinctive style combined with cloth bags.

Linen trousers are an item of clothing well suited for hot weather. They are comfortable both in the sun and indoors. As a business attire, wide linen trousers are especially comfortable, allowing you to comply with the standards of appearance and at the same time feel comfortable by design.

Design and features

Linen trousers do not differ in design from other trousers. Note that wide linen trousers can be found more often than, for example, denim trousers. Also, the belt is often performed with an elastic element (that is, with an elastic band). The main trump card, because of which it makes sense to to buy linen trousers is the properties of the fabric.

Note that the useful characteristics that will be listed below are inherent only in products made from natural, high-quality linen fabric. Blends with a low content of natural fibers or from linen waste do not have these qualities.

Linen trousers have the following qualities:

  • They absorb moisture well
  • Does not cause allergic reactions
  • Wear and UV resistant
  • Possess bactericidal properties

Linen trousers. Colors and patterns

The "Gallery of Flax" trade mark offers to buy linen trousers for women of the most popular colors: white, beige, blue, burgundy, gray, red, brown, green. Light colors look good with leather sandals, linen bags. Dark colors are combined with light blouses with a not flashy pattern. Women's linen trousers are presented in narrow and wide models with an elastic band or with a braid.

What to wear

Women's linen trousers belong to the category of classic clothes. This means that you can find tons of examples in fashion magazines, art and media. Here are just a few general recommendations.

As the top of a suit, consider a cotton T-shirt or T-shirt, blouse, light jacket or shirt. The specific option depends on the "purpose" of the suit: office, walking, shopping ...

Lightweight ballet flats or sandals can be considered the best shoes for women's linen trousers. Moccasins work well. The main thing is not to succumb to the temptation to wear classic shoes, especially with high heels - the effect will not be the same, but the comfort will suffer.

Straw hats, wooden bracelets, woven jewelry and glass beads are an additional incentive to buy linen trousers.